Until today people used different kinds of elastic bands and tools, each one specific for a certain use or for one type of training.



No one had ever thought of how easy this kind of tool is to use:

  1. Open and attached to a fixed point from one end to the other;
  2. Attached in the middle in order to have both ends free to use as handle for every ring;
  3. Create an incredibly versatile additional ring by joining the 2 ends;
  4. 14 elastic rings covered in solid stranding layers in order to create a chain to train in a 1000 different ways, only with one tool.

There are many reasons why we use elastics for athletic training and muscle conditioning.

  1. They provide an uniform increasing resistance that stimulates your muscle strength during the exercises in a progressive way.
  2. Thanks to its characteristics, the elastic resistance activates more complete muscle contractions (isometric concentric – eccentric isotonic)
  3. The elastic resistance activates a non-stop solicitation, especially in the final part of your training, that makes you keep a correct posture.

No one had ever thought of linking many elastic rings together in a chain-like way.

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