Revoring is an all-in-one fitness tool: a 14 elastic rings chain with multiples grips to instantly regulate the exercise intensity and anchoring points for countless exercise modalities.

For both indoors and outdoors training, from suspension training to circuit training: Revoring is the smart answer to your needs!

That is why Revoring is described as the most versatile functional training system: it is perfect for personal training and group training, stretching, pilates, holistic disciplines, postural training, rehab and physical therapy, athletic preparation and fight sports.

It is a workout for everyone: thanks to its three resistances and its easy intensity regulation, Revoring is a funny and practical tool for anyone who wants to be in good shape and healthy, in Italy and around the world.

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Revoring trains explosive strength, coordination and posture and improves the cardiovascular health. Since the first day, Revoring helps people who love keep fit, at every age, level or place.

Revoring is for everyone

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, an athlete or an enthusiast, Revoring is the tool that allows you to move, feel and live better.

Train wherever you want, train with Revoring

Indoor and outdoor; at home, at the office or at your gym: Revoring is the functional answer to all your needs.

Revoring is innovative

The Revoring Academy is constantly seeking smart and practical solutions for your training. Starting from Functional Training it has spread across different disciplines within the wellness area: physical therapy, myofascial pilates, martial arts and musical fitness.

Professional sport team

A pool of experts and a fitness manager director gave scientific methodology to Revoring

Scientifically tested

Revoring Training improves cardiovascular and muscular health

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Constantly looking for smart solutions to your workout performance

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