• One,
    infinite training.

    RevoRing, a new revolutionary training system.

    Il rivoluzionario elastico Revoring per i tuoi allenamenti

Infinite functions

It allows for infinite kinds of exercise and training, for every muscle and with different aims.

Infinite locations

At the gym, outdoors, at home, on every part of your body… attach it wherever you want!

Infinite users

Perfect for people of every age and type.

Discover Revoring.

What makes RevoRing truly innovative is its revolutionary training system. RevoRing is more versatile than any other elastic band on the market, more intuitive than any other tool. Its multiple handles allow for an immediate control over the level of difficulty. Its adjustable hooks will enable you to perform infinite kinds of exercise. Its structure is built to train entire kinetic chains. RevoRing is a new concept of training that will blow your mind up!

You can use it for outdoors as well as indoors activities, inside your fitness club or gym. It is available in 3 levels of resistance, which can be sold separately or together.